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- Model AMC Type - Dantian Double Membrane Biogas Holder


AMOCO DANTIAN AMC type double membrane biogas holder (digester membrane roof, digester cover) is similar with the AMB type one, which is installed on the top of the digester tank with conical.membrane shape.

AMC type membrane biogas holder is connected with the digester tank as a whole one, there is no need for additional ground space. At the same time, also no need to make a foundation for installation, its cost is relatively low.

The top cover is no longer needed for the tank after DANTiAN AMC type biogas holder installation, it saves some cost of the digester tank.

Relative to AMB type, its available capacity is lower at the same diameter and height due to the conical membrane shape. It is also applicable to the biogas project with lower daily gas production.

Actually AMC type biogas holder is less applicated in the actual biogas project due to its low capacity, in general, it is not recommended as a double membrane biogas storage tank by AMOCO Company.

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