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Anaerobic Digestion Plant



Doosan Enpure's technology and experience allow us to design, build, commission and operate systems to operate on any suitable waste or blend of wastes. Designs  incorporate appropriate pre-treatment, digestion and gas-handling equipment to produce raw biogas as well as a solid product (digestate) which meets the most stringent requirements for use as an agricultural or horticultural fertiliser, soil improver or fuel. The plant can incorporate the necessary equipment such that raw biogas may be burned in a power plant (CHP) generating electrical and heat energy for export or refined to produce biomethane for export.

For 150 years or more anaerobic digestion (AD) has been used as a means of making biological wastes such as sewage sludge stable and more pleasant to handle, and reducing its volume, whilst producing a useful by-product, bio-gas, which has been used as a fuel for lighting and cooking. More recently, following  successive energy crises, the emphasis has moved from sludge stabilisation and the technology has been increasingly  recognised as a way of producing renewable 'green' energy not only from waste but from biomass crops as well, AD uses natural organisms (archaea) which have evolved over millions of years to be able to thrive in the absence of oxygen, metabolising organic substances and producing methane as a by-product. By controlling the process conditions a wide range of organic wastes, including sewage sludge, agricultural waste, food waste, municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial wastes, as well as specifically grown energy crops such as grass and maize, can be efficiently converted into biogas or biomethane. This in turn may be used to generate electricity and heat, to power vehicles, as a platform chemical, or for  any of the uses to which natural gas is given.

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