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- Model AI-X3000/X4200 - Solar LED Batten Light


APOLLO solar batten light is adapted from our most successful 4G Led Street Light built on the same platform, It is good answer to a vast solar lighting applications in urban and rural living. Llithium battery and high charging efficiency solar controller are built inside of light.Ultra high brightness led are used,it reaches high lumens output up to 130lm/Watt. IP67 weather proof lighting fixture with the PC fixture, it can be perfectly used for outdoor lighting, as garage , warehouse, caravan, carport, refugee tents, camping tent, caves, mines etc.The easy MC4 plug in set up makes the light extremely easy for installation and portability. Distance from solar panel to light is up to 30 meters, it makes installation very flexiable. Built with high quality components,APOLLO solar batten light ( You can also call it as solar carport light or solar tri proof light )can meet project requirements as well in any challenging environments. APOLLO batten light is able from 12 watts to 48 watts.

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