- Cool Salt Storage Tanks



Cool Salt Storage applications use a mixture of inorganic salts, water and nucleating and stabilizing agents, which melts and freezes around 8.3°. Salt Storage Tanks can use conventional chillers and water temperature and have high cooling capacity per cubic foot.

Thermal Energy Storage benefits

Thermal Energy Storage Tanks are beneficial for a cooling plant with variable demand between day and night which is the typical case of District Energy plants. TES Tank is also advisable when Turbine Inlet Air Cooling systems are designed for peak demand.

The TES tank reduces capital and operational cost. ARANER designs, manufactures and installs state-of-the-art thermal energy solutions. We provide tailor-made systems that help our clients achieve the expected results in power augmentation and energy efficiency.

Your Thermal Storage Project with ARANER

  • Comprehensive energy solutions adapted to client specifications
  • Maximum efficiency in simultaneous chilled water production and consumption
  • Smaller refrigeration equipment sizes and costs, as they are designed for average loads and not for peaks
  • Storage of thermal energy and transformation to electrical energy, with turbine inlet air cooling technology
  • Thermal energy production stored during low-cost electricity periods
  • Available option of water or ice storage

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