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An Arc-Bias Solution that Brings a New Level of Precision and Productivity to Cathodic Arc Processes. Solvix power supplies are specifically designed to enable advanced, high-tech coatings.

  • New coating capabilities with precision bias generators
  • Industry-leading reliability while powering extremely dynamic ARC processes
  • System optimization with a wide variety of models available

Powerful arc discharges, rapid vaporization of target material, and high-energy ions make cathodic arc deposition both powerful and potentially unstable. Available at a range of current levels up to 400 A, Solvix® arc supplies deliver excellent plasma ionization, ion energy, and throughput — with remarkable power and process control. Solvix supplies add an even greater degree of control over film properties, for remarkably hard, dense, durable, adherent films.

  • Reduced substrate damage and better yield
  • Excellent film density and adhesion
  • Proven reliability and high throughput
  • Adaptability to a wide range of process requirements
  • Efficient installation and support

  • Range of current, power, and voltage regulation modes
  • Flexible architecture
  • Air cooling
  • Multiple units configurable for high power requirements
  • High-performance DSP regulator

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