- Nuclear Power Plants



As well as being integral to AREVA's operations, nuclear reactors are also central to the Nuclear Measurement business unit. The business unit offers solutions to meet all power plant requirements.

For the safety of nuclear facilities, operators are required to perform constant monitoring of:

  • ambient radioactivity levels,
  • equipment contamination,
  • nuclear material misappropriation risks,
  • radiation exposure.

The Nuclear Measurement business unit designs and manufactures solutions meeting the various requirements of nuclear plant operators, including:

  • dosimetry and radiation protection,
  • servicing of reactor components,
  • monitoring of environmental impact,
  • materials inspection and access control,
  • waste management,
  • decontamination and dismantling operations.
  • The business unit offers a worldwide service which covers the entire power plant lifecycle. AREVA's expertise in the design and construction of power plants and in operations services gives the business unit an unrivaled competitive advantage

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