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- Downdraft Biomass Gasification System


Our patented designs allow us to build the world’s largest downdraft gasifier. These major size and throughput increases let our customers capture much better economies of scale, and drastically improve the financial returns over what the technology historically offered.

Downdraft gasification is by far the least complex and most productive of gasification technologies. It has been successfully used for over 100 years, the limiting factor always having been internal mechanical structures that prevented simply making the equipment bigger. That problem has been eliminated in the Aries Clean Energy designs. The result is a process that is very straightforward with only a few moving parts in the gasifier itself. Simpler truly became better.


Our downdraft gasifiers use a large component of wood-derived biomass material to produce the best results. Other factors we monitor closely are moisture and ash content. When feedstock preparation and sizing are optimized, blending of various types of materials is easily accomplished, and can increase the economic viability of the systems. The following are examples of materials that can be processed to required sizing and used in the downdraft system.

  • Wood
    • Scrap pallets, industrial packing and casing
    • Industrial wood trimmings
    • Bark or milling waste wood
    • Municipal and right-of-way trimmings
    • Cardboard and paper
    • Construction and demolition wood waste
  • Food manufacturing, processing and other biomass food waste
  • Biological sludge from municipal or industrial wastewater systems
  • Agricultural crop and animal residues

The synthetic fuel gas that is produced in the thermal-chemical reaction is clean-burning and very combustible, producing an emissions signature similar to natural gas. The gas can be, and is being, utilized in the following applications:

  • Electricity Internal Combustion Engines Organic Rankine Cycle Generators
  • Steam Fueling Boilers Community Heating Systems
  • Direct Thermal Kiln Operations Sludge Dryers
  • Combustion Industrial Thermal Oxidizers

Sustainability Benefits

Our downdraft gasification systems give customers a much more environmentally friendly method of waste disposal, and can lower their dependency on fossil fuels. The fact that the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has awarded two of our customers clean energy grants in the amount of $250,000 each for installing our systems speaks to our value in the sustainability arena.

Sustainability benefits for our systems typically can be found in:

  • Achieving zero landfill goals for industry, and helping municipalities conserve/extend the life of their landfill facilities, thus negating the need to site new dumps.
  • Reducing carbon footprints. New green energy production measurably offsets former use of fossil fuels. A considerable reduction in trucking operations also contributes to reducing CO2 by thousands of tons per year. These carbon and greenhouse gas reductions are calculated using EPA standards
  • Enhancing the brand value of a community or an industry can be an integral element in the sustainability value of a gasification system.
Financial Benefits

Analyzing the financial benefits of a gasification project can be quite straightforward in many cases. In other instances, with multiple partners and cost/income centers involved, putting together the true financial picture becomes more complex.

From an economic standpoint, projects are almost always based on some combination of two benefit factors:

  • Waste disposal cost reduction and offsets. These include not only tipping fees, but usually sizable transportation costs. There can be financial benefits in meeting government regulations and avoiding fines imposed for non-compliance in disposal practices.
  • Energy (electrical or thermal) production and the value that brings in terms of offsetting current costs, as well as additional monetary value of utilizing sustainable/renewable power.

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