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Everybody has the right for basic electricity supply in order to cover his basic energy needs. Asantys Systems has solutions to give light, mobile phone charging and radio to every household at very affordable prices. Asantys pico solar systems offer three different product lines: Luna, Laterna and Lumo. All three lines combine most innovative product features such as LI-battery technology which guarantees a very long life time, ultra efficient LED lights, easy plug and play installation as well as many ways of system combinations.

The Asantys Luna Solar Pico System provides light at minimum costs for your household. The Asantys Laterna Solar Pico System provides the possibility of mobile charging besides the provision of portable light. The Asantys Lumo Solar Pico System offers lights for several rooms, mobile charging as well as radio connection.

All Asantys Solar Pico Systems are available with different battery sizes and lights and are combinable in many ways. Please download the datasheets for more information and contact us to become a dealer in your country.

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