Xebec Adsorption Inc.

- Model M-3200 - Biogas Purification PSA Systems



When processing biogas into a low-cost source of renewable energy, the M-3200 handles the job with ease. Featuring ruggedness and reliability, these compact, easily installed systems purify gas streams containing methane to generate higher value products than previously possible. For biogas streams such as landfill gas and digester gas, XEBEC's PSA systems are designed to operate reliably with minimal maintenance, and without the need to replace or regenerate adsorbent media.

  • Utilizes Xebec’s proven rotary valve technology
  • Efficiency through advanced 9 bed PSA cycles
  • Capable of producing pipeline or CNG grade methane
  • Fully skid mounted and up to 1/10th smaller than conventional PSA systems
  • High reliability in an economical platform design

  • Operating feed flows from 100 to 300 NCMH
  • Operating pressures from 6 to 14 bar(g) (50 to 200 psig)
  • Recommended for low throughput needs

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