Prism Solar

- Model Bi48-273BSTC - Glass on Glass Module



Prism's glass-on-glass modules make brilliant use of the sun by generating up to 35% more energy per Watt than traditional modules.

High Cell Efficiency
Bifacial module efficiencies are achieved through the use of advanced bifacial N-type silicon cell technology. Prism's unique eel Is offer near equal front and back efficiencies up to 20% helping customers capitalize on their solar investment.

Superior Low Light Performance
Prism's modules offer exceptional performance in low
light conditions due to the additional backenergy.

Bifacial Technology
Both front and back surfaces of the module are capable of generating electricity. The back surface generates additional power. Mounting considerations that rnaxi-mizea site's available albedo light can yield up to 35% gain in energy generation per installed Watt.

Seamless Integration
Prism's frameless modules with our streamlined j-box offer a solution to many possible applications including: Awnings, Canopies, Carports, Commercial Rooftops, Dividers, Facades, Fencing & Siding.

Quality and Reliability
Advanced testing and inspection of every module in-suresthat quality is upheld. Highest fire rating possible, achieving A ratings in both burning brand and spread of flames. Tested and certified to bifacial (BSTC) standards.

Enhanced Light Transmission
Engineered cell spacing providesadditional light to the region behind the module, increasing the natural illumination for applications such as atriums and carports. The spacing also enhances the backside power contribution of the module in environments such as white roof spaces.

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