Bio-based Energy Technologies P.C. (BIO2CHP)

- Model 100KWTH - Small-Scale Gasifier & Filtering System


The BIO2SynG unit combines a small-scale gasifier & filtering system, that converts solid organic residues into a clean gaseous fuel. What is now treated as waste, is thus transformed into a valuable commodity, that can be directly used for energy production, on-site. The 100kWth unit produces 565,000 Nm3 of syngas, in a yearly basis, equivalent to 775,000 kWhth (depending on the fuel), consuming approx. 187.5 tons of solid organic residues. A fully stand-alone unit, ideal for agro-food SMEs with access to solid organic residues, conventional gas burners, & year-round heating power needs.

  • Thermal Output: 100kWth
  • Gas Output: 78.6 kg/hr
  • Gas Energy Content: 4.7 MJ/kg (depending on the fuel)
  • Availability: 7,500 hours/year

  • Type: Solid Organic Residues
  • Consumption Rate: 25.2 kg/hour, dry (depending on the fuel)
  • Annual Consumption: 187.5 tons/year (depending on the fuel)
  • Allowed Moisture Content in the Gasifier Inlet: up to 20%

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