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Biology And Biogas

The BIOGAS, made ​​by bacterial fermentation in the absence of oxygen agricultural commodities, such as CORN, TRITICALE, ryegrass, SORGHUM, the manure and by-products of the agro-industrial complex, is a renewable source of electricity and heat that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in compliance with the Kyoto Protocol for the protection and safeguarding the environment.

Anaerobic digestion
Biogas is produced from the biodegradation of the organic matter present in the biomass, in anaerobic conditions (without oxygen).
The process involves a consortium of bacteria highly specialized, including ib apterous methanogenic that transform the compounds generated in the different biological reactions, into methane.
The biological reactions take place inside of a digester, where they are re-created the conditions optimal for the success of the entire process, basically:

  • absence of oxygen (anaerobic environment)
  • temperature
    • 3 0-40 ° C (mesophilic systems)
    • 40-55 ° C (thermophilic systems)
  • neutral environment (pH between 6.7 to 7.4)
  • high humidity of the substrate (> 50%)
  • carbon / nitrogen ratio of between 20-40

The biogas produced is then pre-treated and made suitable for the combustion inside the cogenerator, and then transformation into electrical and thermal energy.

The residue of anaerobic digestion (DIGESTATE) is an organic fertilizer perfectly stabilized and odorless provided with all the nutrients useful for plant growth and that can allow the partial or total elimination of synthetic chemical fertilizers.

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