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Spark Energy srl

Biospark: Green Technology


The biogas plants are subjected to constant stress due to working conditions, variability and the aggressiveness of the pollutants present in the fuel and the constant changing of environmental conditions. In order to ensure a stable and high performance it is necessary that the machine is made of cogeneration best technologies, supported by a high level service. BioSpark line has been developed to meet the most strong specifications and offer the customer a machine able to operate under the most adverse conditions.


All the bioSpark machines use the new generation electronic control units that manage the operation of the system: carburetor, ignition, parallel network.
The electronic control guarantees the best fuel mixture, obtaining low and stable fuel consumption, maintaining the most stringent emissions within the limits; the system communicates directly with the remote control unit allowing the diagnosis and troubleshooting through GSM connection.

The product line includes bioSpark machines with a capacity from 50 to 999 KW and all made on a project base with quality standards that are market reference, each machine is then customized related to customer's real needs, so you can maximize the plant output and reduce operations on site.

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