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Black Liquor Recovery Boilers


Integrated Global Services developed and implemented the first successful applications of protective thermal spray to abate water-wall corrosion in these boilers in the 1980’s. Since then, higher operating pressures and increased load are driving increased corrosion in areas of BLRBs that previously only required carbon steel tubing for long life. These areas are excellent candidates for an in situ application of corrosion resistant alloys in lieu of carbon steel or composite panel replacement. IGS offers a proven formulation of proprietary NiCr alloys applied with our HVOF and HVAS processes to prevent high temperature sulfidation.

In many cases, we have provided warranties of up to 10 years on these applications, extending the useful life and deferring expensive downtime from water-wall replacement at numerous facilities. For those customers preferring to use weld overlay in this environment, IGS’s Automated Weld Overlay utilizes pulsed GMAW and produces less heat affected zone and lower iron dilution than comparable processes.

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