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- Model BIPV - Monocrystalline Module



One of the most noticeable trends in modern construction sector is the implementation of ecological solutions. Observing the changing environment, Bruk-Bet Solar has introduced BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) panels to its portfolio.

The BIPV idea is based on the combination of structural properties of building elements with electricity production. Thanks to technological progress, BIPV can completely replace such building components as roofs, facades, windows and structures such as porches, railing and balconies. The main factor encouraging the installation of BIPV is the growing awareness of the benefits of using integrated photovoltaic modules to generate electricity directly from the sun and, above all, a positive impact on improving the energy efficiency of the building.

BIPV modules are increasingly popular in new constructions. Increasingly strict standards in energy efficiency are causing increased interest among designers and investors.

To meet the expectations of a thriving market for energy efficient and passive constructions, Bruk-Bet Solar has expanded its range of glass-glass BIPV modules. In addition to excellent performance features, Bruk-Bet Solar BIPV modules enrich the architectural space with modern, durable and active construction surfaces.

We manufacture Vision modules for individual orders.

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