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DD-JET Boiler Cleaning


The DD-Jet Cleaning System for on-line cleaning of the radiation passes of boilers in Waste to Energy incinerators and Biomass combustion plants. The system is now installed at 23 WtE plants in Europe.The DD-Jet apply 4-6 concentrated water jet beams from the rotating advanced patented DD-Jet turbine nozzle complex. The DD-Jet nozzle system provides the necessary water amount in concentrated water beams at only 2 bar preassure, enough to secure an effective cleaning of the boiler surfaces and without too much water.

The DD-Jet Cleaning system is not a Shower Cleaning System typically providing many small water droplets. The DD-Jet it is an alternative solution applying a precise concentrated undamaged water beam to hit the hot boiler surface; the water amount in the small impact area is sufficient to generate a heavy volume expansion when the water evaporates into steam, this steam expansion provides a pressure wave very efficiently releasing the fouling on the boiler surface around the impact area.

The DD-JET system reduces the fluegas temperature at boiler outlet with typical 60 to 120 DegC.
The DD-Jet Cleaning System provides a very efficient cleaning up to 6 m from the DD-Jet nozzle head.

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