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To plan a well working street lighting system with photovoltaic power supply means to consider some basic elements such as: BUDGET. The whole system must be both economical and able to compete with traditional solutions connected to the electricity network (not always at hand).


Aesthetic Appearance. The different components of the street lamp will not be too heavy from an aesthetic point of view. Photovoltaic modules must not be too bulky; fixing structures or poles must not be poorly built and assembled and should not result unsightly; accumulators must not be too bulky and difficult to combine with other elements; control units must not be too large and should not be mechanically connected to the fixing structures.

Performances. The different components must be connected in a very careful way in order to obtain the best possible performance and to reduce the energy loss.

Correct Energy and Working Management. In order to reduce losses, that in such a system may be fatal, an integrated control device is necessary. This has to be able to:

  • manage the battery charge with the best possible performance;
  • optimize the use of the energy stored in the battery according to: kind of photovoltaic field, location, electrical load of the lamp, day of the year;
  • support different timetables with seasonal variation of the electrical load required: these have to be synchronised with both weather factors (like temperature and insolation) and astronomic factors (like the number of light hours per day);
  • support a data logger capable of storing at least 15 days of data and
  • support a local or remote user interface (serial in/out) that allows the access to the on-line or logger data in order to control all the parameters both of installation and of management.

For all these reasons ENERECO srl has developed a series of photovoltaic kits for decorative and public lighting.

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