Folding Energy Harvester



Double drive system: Double left and right drive system: either intermediate mechanism (no need to descend from the combine harvester before folding) or end mechanism (compatible with all brands & models of combine harvesters with oscillating belts in operation for grain-maize harvesting and/or combine harvesters equipped with tracks)


  • Sheetwork frame with casing, in H.L.E. sheetwork. (High Level Elastic)

Harvesting bars

  • Selection of large diameter harvesting bars (patented),
  • drive system with rasp bars in treated steel with cutterbars or gear type bars (4 x 1/2 cutterbars + 4 x 1/2 clamps)

Harvesting chain

  • Harvesting chains with a 30 mm pitch, no quick connect system, with a pressure support plate
  • Easy access to the harvesting chains to check tension
  • Large harvesting chain tensioning pinions

Tips and covers

  • Plastic or steel monoblocs with zinc-coated tips as preferred


  • 3-position hitching frame

Working angle

  • Between 21 and 23° (depending on tyres)

Intake auger

  • Large diameter intake auger with helicoidal mechanism


  • Extralarge and undeformable thresher drums and header gearboxes, oiled and greased
  • One safety free wheel in each threshing drum gearbox (for a gentle shutdown)
  • Clearing cutter to avoid jamming around the threshing drum gearbox
  • Easy checking of oil level for the thresher drum gearboxes
  • Chain coupling between the gearbox and header to simplify operations

Adjusting plates

  • Adjustment of the centralised plates thanks to an electrically-controlled actuator
  • Opening with rim at the top of the plate to avoid any jamming

Rear grid

  • Original rear grid

Revolving reels

  • 2 original hydraulic augers, with an integrated tank and hydraulic pump driven mechanically by the harvester


  • 75 or 80 cm spacing available as standard
  • different spacing (60 - 77.5 - 90 cm) possible at request: contact us for details


  • 3-year warranty for parts and labour + 2 years
  • I.e. a total 5-year warranty for header gearboxes, frames, harvesting bars, excluding wearing parts, with unlimited usage

Compatible with most Combine Harvesters available commercially; from 5 to 10 folding rows with or without disengaging thresher drums for each row..... IDASS offers its new range of harvesting heads, with a 5-YEAR WARRANTY*
* 3-year warranty for parts and labour + 2 years = a total 5-year warranty for header gearboxes, frames, harvesting bars; excluding wearing parts, unlimited usage.


  • Stem crusher
  • Hydraulic coupler
  • Sunflower plate kit
  • Sunflower cutter kit
  • Forage harvester assembly kit

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