KC Cottrell, Inc

KC Cottrell, Inc

Gas Suspension Absorber Systems (GSA )


KC Cottrell Inc. can offer wide range of Flue Gas Desulphurization technologies from wet FGD to semi-dry and dry scrubber technologies which can cover large scale utility boilers to medium and smallsize industrial boilers, sintering plants, glass furnaces, biomass boilers and incinerators etc. One of the cutting edge technologies KC Cottrell Inc. proudly offers is the unique KC Cottrell Gas Suspension Absorber (GSA) process. The KC Cottrell GSA process means an extreme efficient utilization of the lime reagent, thus reducing requirements for fresh lime to a minimum.

One of the reasons for the high efficiency of the KC Cottrell GSA is that the reactor has been based on gas suspension technology. This means that a very large concentration of fly ash, dust particles and lime builds up inside the reactor, which will allow normally 50 to 100 times higher concentration than in a conventional reactor. The effect is further enhanced by the fact that lime, fly ash and by-products are recycled about 100 times in the KC GSA system .

Short erection period and enormous flexibilities are achieved with unique modular design of KC Cottrell GSA system.

Maintenance costs for the KC Cottrell GSA are extremely low compared to more conventional plants. One reason for this is the minimal wear and tear due to few moving parts and a very simple, uncomplicated and stationary nozzle.

With its ability to comply with extremely low emission levels, the KC Cottrell GSA is a perfect Desulfurization system for small and medium size industrial boilers and incinerators.

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