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Gasification / Pyrolysis



Gasification is a process that converts carbonaceous materials, such as chicken litter, rice hulls, saw dust etc. into syngas which can be used to power gensets to generate electricity or fuel boilers to provide steam for production processes.

Biogas Australia can supply:

  • up- or down-draft fixed bed gasifiers;
  • bubbling bed fluidized gasifiers and
  • circulating fluidized gasifiers.

The following is a typical flow chart showing the various components of a fluidized bed reactor.

Gasifier Feedstock

Gasifier feedstock is usually waste products from agriculture which have a very high fibre/lignin and/or low moisture content such as: Chicken litter, rice husk, woodchips, sawdust, bark, wood shavings, crop stalks, coconut hulls, olive pomace, cotton and sugar cane bagasse.

One of the “waste” products from the gasification of biomass is Biochar.

Biochar is a valuable fertilizer and, as discussed in the document “Biochar” from CSIRO (, is also a soil conditioner and may give rise to obtaining carbon credits by active carbon sequestration.

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