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- Geothermal Probes and Piping Systems



Our geothermal probes and piping systems are suitable for the use of geothermal energy (heat / cold) or removal (accumulation) of excess heat into the ground. To do this, we use a closed vertical ground probes with connection system and distributor.

Soil probes are made of polyethylene of the latest generation. Standard pipe dimensions: 25 x 2.3 mm, 32 x 2.9 mm and 40 x 3.7 mm. Stocking level in straight lengths up to 350 m.

GEROtherm geothermal system is the first system of its kind which quality is tested by Institute Süddeutsche Kunststoff-Zentrum (SKZ) in Würzburg (norm for inspection HR3.26). Testing Institute SKZ gives a guarantee, that all parts (pipes, shaped parts, fittings) meet the norms and regulations, such as ISO, EN, DIN, DVS, etc. In guideline VDI 4640, Sheet 1 and 2 have precise requirements to the ground probes, respectively piping systems. Furthermore, as well our geothermal system is approved by ITC Zlin.

Professional consulting we support you from the beginning over to the project and provide you with our technical documentation.

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