Transvit Incorporated (TVI)

- Islands and Resorts and Remote Sites Batch Gasifier



Islands and Resorts and remote sites present difficult challenges in clean and safe waste disposal. The Batch Gasifier can be sized for ocean transport, flown into very remote sites, or trucked in ready to operate with very little assembly. The system can even remain on a truck bed for portable applications.

Islands, Resorts, Remote Camps, Oil Platforms, Mining Sites

Remaining ash is minimized (98% reduction is common) and nonhazardous for safe local disposal.

Note the whitish ash color, indicating almost 100% total carbon burnout.

When ARCO Oil (BP) developed a new old field on the North Slope of Alaska, the sensitive environment demanded the CLEANEST EMISSIONS and highest quality ash. They selected our BATCH GASIFIER.  And no auxiliary scrubbing was required.

LABOR SAVINGS  One man, in 1 hour per day can operate this system.

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