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- Model K21-OE - Diesel Engine Management System


The K21 engine controller is designed for the off-road stationary diesel engine market. It is a cost effective entry level control panel. The controller’s primary function is the management of your diesel engine. The software and hardware are designed to be simple and easy to use. The K21 is used in the following in a basic application: waste water de-watering, irrigation pumping, power generation, air compressors, high pressure cleaners, lighting towers, dust suppression pumping, tank filling, sewer bypass, frost control and fire pumps..

  • Entry level cost effective control panel for small to medium size diesel engines.
  • Engine push button Start and Stop. With over crank protection.
  • Bright graphical display showing all engine data and warning/faults. RPM, battery voltage and engine hours are shown.
  • Complete engine protection on low oil pressure switch or sender and high engine temperature switch or sender. Includes low radiator coolant level detection and overspeed engine shutdown.
  • Robust IP66 control module in a powder coated enclosure with vibration isolators.
  • Engine speed control via CANBUS J1939 for electronic engines. Not available on mechanical engines.
  • Programmable 100hour run timer. Set it, start the engine and walk away.
  • Spare digital inputs.
  • One panel to suit mechanical engines or electronic CANBUS J1939 engines.
  • In built data logging on all engine faults.
  • Easy to set up and program. Will permit future software upgrades via a computer. 4-20mA Pump Pressure input for pump pressure protection (requires 4-20mA Transducer).

  • Low Oil Shutdown.
  • J1939 CANBUS Ready.
  • High Coolant Temp Shutdown.
  • Fault History Logger.
  • RPM Display Overspeed Shutdown.
  • Configurable Digital Inputs.
  • 100 hour Run Timer.
  • IP66 Control Module UV Stable.
  • Engine Hour Meter.
  • 4-20mA Pump Pressure.
  • Battery Volatege
  • Low Radiator Level
  • 9-30VDC

  • Engine Hours display (Hour Meter)
  • Engine RPM display and Overspeed protection
  • Accepts tachometer RPM signal from:(adjustable)
  • Alternator W+
  • J1939 CANBUS ECU
  • Magnetic Pick Up over a Fly Wheel
  • Engine Speed control via CNBUS J1939
  • Displays all engine fault messages (J1939 included )
  • Date Logs and Fault Messages
  • MODBUS ( RS232/485 ) Communication
  • Low Radiator Coolent Level Shutdown
  • Low Engine Oil Pressure Sensor or Switch Engine Shut Down
  • High Engine Temperature Sensor or Switch Engine Shut Down
  • Glow Plug Excitation ( Requires High Current Relay )
  • Battery Voltage VDC Display With Low Battery Warning
  • 4-20mA Pump Pressure Analogue Input
  • Loss of RPM Engine Shut Down
  • 100 hour Programmable Stop Timer
  • Programmable Analogue or Digital Inputs
  • Monitoring of Messages ONLY Permitted via WEBSITE

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