Landustrie Sneek BV

- Hydropower Screw Turbines


The new range of the Landustrie screw pump covers the hydropower screw turbines. An efficient use of water power is already achieved at a level difference of 1 meter and a capacity of 500 l/sec. The largest capacity and level difference for hydropower screws is as much as 15000 l/sec. at 10 meter.


Flowing water is a relentless, never ending source of power for pure, clean renewable energy. All you need to benefit from this natural resource is a LANDY hydropower screw system.

Landustrie designs, builds and installs highly efficient, cost effective and environmentally beneficial hydropower turbine system solutions which are specifically designed for relatively low head, high flow river courses.

An environmental friendly solution can only be called a sustainable solution if it is economically viable. Landustrie helps you achieve a truly sustainable project by combining years of hydropower engineering experience with professional project guidance throughout the process. With Landustrie experts providing all roles from initial site investigation, through engineering/design to manufacturing and installation, your costs are kept low; therefore, ensuring your project is truly an environmentally and financially sustainable solution.

  • highest efficiency
  • simple installation
  • easy implementation in existing situations (no civil construction work)
  • extremely fish friendly
  • insensitive to clogging
  • low maintenance costs
  • long life time
  • improvement of water quality
  • 24/24 energy supply
  • active flow control without extra losses
  • possibility to switch over to pump function
  • self-regulating to changing water flow

Many projects have already been realised all over the world.