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Modular Buildings and Process Systems for Gas Compression and Power Generation



Solar’s modular solutions deliver cost and schedule predictability by reducing exposure to site construction risks, which can include weather, site location, security, labor availability, and more.  Targeted standardization coupled with pre-fabrication can significantly improve project velocity. Installations feature reduced footprint, scalability, and re-deployability to adapt to changing application needs.

Solar’s modular solutions products change the nature of site stick-built construction, shifting from labor-intensive activities to much simpler assembly tasks. The use of modular, pre-fabricated equipment saves time, results in a decreased risk of schedule delays, and lowers total installed project costs. Other features include:

  • Fabrication in Solar's controlled shop environment
  • Small team required for site assembly
  • Increased safety in site execution
  • Transportable with conventional trucks
  • Adaptable to specific market needs
  • Fully tested and ready for field assembly


Solar offers competitive solutions for projects where operational constraints require the application of a building or maintenance enclosure. Configurable modular products include numerous benefits, including:

  • Enabling traditional maintenance methods with equipment handling systems
  • Simplified logistics
  • Creating strategic opportunities for local content
  • Accommodating single or dual unit installations
  • Eliminating hot work from the building or enclosure space
  • Comprehensive scope delivered on a lump sum basis 

While many external factors can impact actual execution timelines, the design of the configurable modular products enable an arrival of first piece-to-commissioning target of two (2) months for the complete project solution.  Click below to learn more about our configurable modular prefabricated products.


Open ground modular solutions provide a range of standard and engineered-to-order skidded systems which significantly reduce installation time and costs, seamlessly integrating with Solar turbomachinery. Solar provides a compact, complete power train solution by coupling open ground modular systems with other balance of plant equipment, including interconnect piping, process coolers, local electrical equipment rooms, and other auxiliary systems.


At Solar’s Channelview facility, also known as TurboFab, we are moving away from traditional fabrication mindsets. Solar is leveraging our engaged, multi-skilled, safety-focused team to produce high quality, cost effective products quickly. Process methods such as 6 Sigma and Lean are utilized to eliminate costly waste. In addition, Solar is leading the industry by developing the know-how to successfully apply automation in a low volume, high product mix environment for structural steel and pipe preparation, as well as welding of simple and complex steel structures and pipe spooling. Automation can reduce labor and fabrication cycle times dramatically, especially when designs focus on maximizing the use of robotics.

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