A.P. Bioenergietechnik GmbH

- Model 49 kW – 950 kW - Compact Biomass Heating Systems


Furnace and boiler. Electronic control. Fully automatic fuel feed system, ignition and deashing. Flue gas cleaning systems

Nothing Beats our Know How! Why?

  • ÖKOTHERM® biomass-heating systems have proven them selves by using solid agro bio fuels for more than 15 years
  • The sturdy and high quality construction guarantees this premium product a long durability
  • High thermal output and efficiency
  • Low running costs due to reduced wear and tear
  • Reliable as it has few moving parts
  • Lowest emission values as have been proven
  • Always use the most economic bio fuel with ÖKOTHERM® biomass-heating systems – straightly from the region

  • Poultry sheds
  • Industry and housing estates
  • Agriculture, glass houses, nurseries
  • Hotels, nursing homes, leisure centres, schools
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Public administration buildings
  • Eco villages
  • Biogas plants

  • Miscanthus: chips, briquettes or pellets
  • Any types of straw: loose, briquettes or pellets
  • Grain: low grade, waste or cleanings
  • Oil seed rape, rape cake
  • Pressed residues: coffee, grape, AD digestate etc.
  • Wood chips, wood pellets
  • Dried manures: chicken & horse litter

  • Independent of any one particular fuel
  • No clinkering and slagging in the furnace chamber irrespective of the fuel
  • Optimal combustion behaviour
  • Low emission values
  • Fulfils European emission control regulations
  • Flue gas analysed using a lambda probe to automatically control the energy output
  • Pioneered in burning stem like fuels such as miscanthus, straw and grain for more than 20 years

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