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- Torque Limiter



The Polychem Torque Limiter is an easy-to-reset alternative to traditional shear pin devices. It provides reliable overtorque protection by transmitting torque through balls retained in detents against adjustable spring pressure. When torque exceeds a preset value, the balls leave their seats and roll free to completely disengagem the driving and driven components, preventing costly drive system crashes.

  • Easy to reset in just a few minutes
  • No fatiguing of shear pin or nuisance failures
  • Accurate & consistent torque settings
  • Externally adjustable
  • Most importantly - no more shear pins!

  • Product: Torque Limiter
  • Part Number: JSE1-0150
  • Type:
  • Externally Adjustable Torque Range lbs/in: 2,024-9,287
  • Min. Rockwell Hardness: 62 R/C
  • Min. NH-78 Sprocket: 11 Teeth

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