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There’s used equipment, and then there’s Solar Turbines authorized pre-owned equipment — selected, inspected and serviced to a higher standard. As the original manufacturer of our turbomachinery, our experts evaluate used, unused, refurbished, and low-hour equipment. This can include power generation packages, gas compressor packages and mobile power units. We only use Solar-approved parts for service and complete all the required maintenance, providing standard warranty with options for extended warranty. Our asset redeployment specialists are available worldwide to help select an affordable solution that best fits your operating requirements. This service is available to anyone, including turbomachinery plant personnel, brokers, resellers, auction houses, secondary market consultants, purchasing consultants and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms.

When you work with us, you get worldwide visibility of our equipment. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of Solar equipment’s operational history, along with strong customer relationships with current owners over multiple decades. Our Qualified Service Engineers are located in your time and space, speaking your language, and will ensure best-in-class performance and reliability over your products’ entire lifecycle.



Our team offers consultation services if you choose to work with us on selecting used, unused, refurbished or low-hour equipment. We consult your team members on asset redeployment, including developing a plan and project execution. We conduct condition assessment of the equipment you are interested in. Warranty re-instatement is also included in our services as we provide standard warranty with options for extended warranty.



Our team provides both commissioning and decommissioning services. We ensure that the equipment is properly installed, interconnected with other equipment, calibrated and is operated in accordance with Solar’s specifications. Your equipment will be tested statically and operationally to the customer’s satisfaction at the completion of the commissioning phase. For decommissioning, Solar will ensure the equipment is properly and safely removed from service, ensuring that all interconnects are properly drained, de-coupled and secured.



Like we do with our brand-new equipment, Solar provides lifecycle support for your equipment’s entire lifespan. This includes the options to overhaul, uprate, restage and retrofit your equipment. Solar has performed more than 30,000 overhauls and offers a variety of solutions based on your needs. As the original manufacturer, our team has a unique understanding of our equipment’s design characteristics and history. This guarantees a safer and more robust final product when conducting overhauls, uprates, restages and retrofits.


Our inventory of used, unused, refurbished, and low-hour equipment include the following models:

  • Saturn 10
  • Saturn 20
  • Centaur 40
  • Centaur 50
  • Mercury 50
  • Taurus 60
  • Mars 90
  • Mars 100
  • Titan 130

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