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Solar Trackers


Tracking arrays enable the panels to follow the sun so that the panels get maximum sunlight. By having the panels tracking the sun, panel efficiency is increased. This corresponds to an increase in pumping volume of around 35% in summer, compared with the same fixed PV array. For smaller systems, it is usually easier to increase panel output by simply adding 1 or 2 more panels. Trackers are therefore important for larger systems, where friction head is a problem, or where you are trying to get maximum output from a bore by spreading the pumping over as many hours of the day as possible.

LORENTZ Tracking Arrays for Pumping and Gridfeed

  • Single axis, 90° tracking angle East-West
  • Simple design for fast installation and reliability
  • Hot Zinc coated steel frame
  • DC linear drive
  • Self-powered with low energy consumption
  • Stepwise tracking, depending on the daily sunshine duration (length of day)
  • Control options to synchronise multiple units

ETATRACK active 1500-A

  • Surface up to 16.5m2

ETATRACK active 2000-A

  • Surface area up to 20.5m2

ETATRACK active 2500-A-30

  • Surface area up to 26m2

ETATRACK active 1000-30

  • Surface area up to 10.5m2
  • Suitable for ground level installation with 3 fixation points

LORENTZ Tracking Arrays for Solar Parks

  • Tracking systems allow increased returns on investment, by giving the highest energy yields all around the year.
  • They are based on the LORENTZ ETATRACK active which has been successfully operating worldwide for more than 10 years.
  • LORENTZ provides optimised control concepts for solar parks of different sizes.

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