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Solarization Films



The purpose of using solarization film is disinfestation of soil by using solar energy to heat up the soil under the film. Because of high heat accumulated under the film, soil is cleaned up of weed and soilborne pathogens, such as nematode. Solarization films are 20 and 30 microns in thickness, transparent and weight per 1000m2 is between 19-30kg, acording to the thickness required.

The purpose of solarization is to heat up the soil till the depth of 40cm. Recommendations about solarization film application are as below:

  • Solarization should be done during  high temperature season when the solar energy is intensive
  • The are that solarization will be applied, should be empty, clean and smooth
  • The soil should be saturated with water and kept moist during solarization in order to achieve high temperatures in depth.
  • Solarization period is between 4-6 weeks.

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