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Trust Battelle to help you improve performance, reduce costs and protect the environment with cutting-edge alternative energy innovations. From bio-based fuels and fuel cell technologies to solar energy and wind power, Battelle delivers market-ready alternative energy solutions based on the latest scientific discoveries. Our broad expertise in related science and engineering disciplines and our management of several U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories—including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory—has put us at the forefront of alternative energy innovation.

  • Alternative Energy Integration: Integrate alternative energy sources, including wind, solar, biomass and geothermal, into your existing infrastructure. From advanced materials and coatings to improved solar energy capture and energy storage solutions for variable energy sources, we are solving critical challenges in renewable energy integration.
  • Off-Shore Wind Energy: Streamline every stage of your offshore wind energy project. Battelle’s integrated approach brings together coastal and ocean monitoring, assessment, technology development, marine spatial planning and offshore permitting and compliance.
  • Bio-Energy: Turn your low-value biomass into usable hydrocarbon fuels and high-value chemicals with Battelle’s catalytic pyrolysis and hydrogen upgrading technologies. Our innovative small-scale technologies make biomass conversion more economical, practical and commercially viable.
  • Fuel Cells: Bring the economic and environmental benefits of fuel cell technology to a wide range of new applications and environments with Battelle’s scalable and adaptable fuel-flexible technologies. We provide practical, efficient power generation solutions to fit your fuel availability, location and size requirements.
  • Energy Storage: Find the best energy storage solution for your size, voltage, cost and performance criteria. Battelle can customize energy storage solutions when off-the-shelf products don’t fit your needs. From large-scale grid energy storage for power producers to safe and long-lasting batteries and supercapacitors, our engineers are making electro-chemical storage safer, cleaner, more efficient and flexible.

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