Advanced Solar Products

Advanced Solar Products

Battery Backup Design & Installation Services


ASP is a pioneer in the integration of photovoltaic systems with generators, bidirectional inverter functionality and battery storage technology.  Early in the company’s history, ASP personnel began designing and constructing PV battery hybrid systems on a residential scale to enhance the benefits of the solar systems during power outages. The systems allowed residences to function completely off-grid, depending only on the solar energy or battery system for power.  Since then, ASP has installed several commercial-scale photovoltaic systems using batteries to support “smart” inverter operation and is a leader in the movement to provide renewable energy storage systems for facilities that suffer power outages due to storms and natural disasters.

In 2008, ASP partnered with SMA America, LLC to achieve that first automated integration of a commercial PV system and inverter with a backup generator to provide emergency power at Midtown Community School in Bayonne, NJ. More recently, ASP is working with PSE&G on their grid resiliency mandate and has been awarded multiple PV/battery hybrid projects under the PSE&G Solar-4-All Grid Security Pilot Program.

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