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In the Netherlands, 10% (300 PJ per year) of the energy requirement can be obtained from waste and residual flows. Organic residual flows can be used for the sustainable generation of bio-energy. This involves the use of biological conversion processes, such as anaerobic processes (fermentation or digestion), which convert the organic flows into biogas using microorganisms. Fermentation is particularly interesting for industry and agricultural companies.

Different phases and transformations in the fermentation process


  • Hydrolyse
  • Acidogenese
  • Acetogenese
  • Methanogenese


  • Dissolving of solids
  • Conversion of solutes in volatile fatty acids
  • Conversion of higher volatile fatty acids in acetic acid
  • Conversion of acetic acid and carbon dioxide and hydrogen into methane and carbon dioxide


  • Acid formers (acidogens)
  • Acid formers (acidogens)
  • Acetic acid formers (acetogens)
  • Acetoclastische and hydrogenotrofe  methanogens

The best yields are achieved by tailor-made fermentation processes. This can be done by adding additives and/or bacteria. Changes in ambient conditions such as temperature and pH also play an important role. We design and supervise strategies to increase the efficiency of the fermentation process.

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