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The market for bioenergy continues to grow extraordinarily quickly. Meeting ambitious targets for renewable energy will require ever larger quantities of forest biomass to be mobilised, potentially matching the volume of wood currently used by some traditional forest based industries. As a result, energy wood, and particularly wood pellets, are becoming internationally traded commodities.

This aspect of the market is sometimes poorly covered by existing publications. Forest Energy Monitor fills this gap by taking an analytical approach to the development of global biomass and pellet markets.
Forest Energy Monitor is now published twelve times a year, with six 'main' reports supplemented by six 'interim' reports. The coverage is global, but the focus is Europe and North America. Each issue addresses three main themes:
  • Developments in forest biomass and pellet markets. This includes detailed coverage of market prices for energy wood and pellets, as well as biomass cost/price drivers such as forest and sawmill activity, freight rates, currencies, fossil energy markets and competition from non-wood biomass. 
  • The feedstock implications of new investments and technologies. For example, the feedstock requirements of the many biomass power plants planned for the UK, Europe and North America. Other subjects will include wood pellet capacity growth; the status of wood-based biofuel technologies; shipping and logistic infrastructure; plantation investments in Africa, Latin America and Asia; and biorefinery developments at pulp and paper mills, etc. 
  • National and international policies and legislation. The report follows the development of renewable energy policies and changes to incentives and regulations that have an impact on biomass and pellet demand and supply.
Forest Energy Monitor aims to be an essential tool for forest owners, pellet producers and biomass suppliers, sawmills and wood panel producers, pulp and paper companies, energy companies and utilities, shipping companies and port operators; equipment suppliers, financial institutions, policy makers and academics.

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