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Woods End Laboratories, Inc.

Biogas Bioenergy

The capability to produce biologically-based energy provides the means of shifting emphasis from fossil-based to carbon-neutral fuel. Within the farming sector this can improve stability and increase diversity.

While biogas (methane) recovery is one of the oldest and most scalable of natural technologies for processing organic waste, deployment in America lags behind other nations. Biogas capture is now seen as having advantages over other forms of organic waste recycling and reuse.

Landfilling largely removes organic matter from nature’s positive carbon cycle, as does incineration and pyrolysis (biochar). Composting has been the traditional preferred choice of a sustainable, biological solution – partly because it is perceived as easy to do. However, composting is not necessarily the best first-choice for high energy organic wastes (such as fatty residues and food scraps). Using biomethane as a front-end with composting combined for post-treatment may offer unique advantages. Woods End is well-positioned to evaluate and analyze these potentials as the firm has a number of years experience in the USA, Europe and C.A. in analysis and measuring of biogas facilities.

The Bio-Laboratory: a well-equipped biolaboratory to perform screening of materials, routine biogas-production runs (lab and pilot scale), gas quality analysis, and digestate stability and end-use tests. The staff are actively involved in a variety of pilot scale trials nationwide. Woods End is experienced in comparing liquid and “dry-fermentation” systems for manures, food scraps, energy crops, silage, DDGS and other “green by-products”.

Tests performed at Woods End enable operators and designers to properly plan details of engineeering, process management end digestate utilization.

Lab Characterization BMP – Biomethane Potential

  • Biogas Potential: biogas cu.ft./ton
  • Methane Quality: CH4 + CO2 + H2S
  • Mix recipes: effects of hydrolysis
  • Buffering: pH, free carbonates
  • Digestate quality: end-products
  • Nutrients: Agricultural utilization
  • Pathogens: Hygiene quality

Biogas Project Services

  • Lab-scale fermentation; batch and continuous processes
  • Site sampling for gas and digestate
  • Testing biogas prototypes
  • Pilot scale runs with Woods End’sBioTank system (see right)
  • Development of field trials for sustainability of AD digestate
  • Design of end-products from biogas digestors.

The Biogas Test Suite

  • Initial Bioenergy-waste characterization: inc. TS, VS, TN, pH
  • Standardized Biogas GB21 (ÖNORM)§ test: 21-day BMP in pilot reactors;
  • Reports as production rate and cumulative quantity
  • Flux chamber on-farm comparisons
  • Gas Chromatography of CH4 and CO2 and H2S and other odors
  • Biogas Recipe development

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