Biogas Consulting Service


We leave our footprint in return. It is our aim to minimize the carbon footprint which people are currently setting on the environment. In return we wish to leave a footprint behind that includes sustainable and energy neutral solutions. This is what we work for, and this is what we do best, and in our quest to minimize the carbon footprint on the world we offer expert consultancy in biogas and landfill gas. Biogas typically refers to gas produced by the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of organic matter including manure, wastewater sewage, or any biodegradable feedstock, under anaerobic conditions. Similarly, biogas is comprised primarily of methane and carbon dioxide.

In a biogas plant, the degradation of different types of biomass is regulated and optimised in digesters. The biogas produced in these digesters are then utilised to run gas engines which will produce power and heat. Likewise, the methane destructed will generate carbon credits which can then be sold and help to support the plant’s operation.

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