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Made to Measure Approach to Designing Solutions: If you have a specific site or project in mind, we are able to design made-to-measure solutions based on gaining a full understanding of the location and your specific needs. Our engineers will visit you and the site and work with you to develop outline designs, support through planning and permitting permissions, detailed design, technology selection and sourcing, pricing, project management and construction. We offer these services together as a turnkey package or separately in tandem with your other project partners.

BioWatt is not tied to a specific technology or technology partner, and approaches each project as a truly independent development partner. We aim to find the right biogas solution for your needs.

The choice of technology is clearly an important part of any biogas project. However, from our experience at BioWatt, a large part of the value is driven by how the technology is deployed – specifically the interrelation of the feedstock with the technology, the layout of the biogas facility to optimise operational performance, and the identification of solutions for process outputs, for example, digestate treatment and use of residual heat. At BioWatt we aim to optimise each and every step in the process by staying with an issue or challenge until we find the best solution.

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