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Naskeo Environnement

Biogas Installations Automation Services



Naskeo Environnement developed a simple and efficient tool for remote supervision of biogas installations.

The data transmitted by the sensors are treated in real time by a software designed for an entirely automated operation of the installation. The system has several functionalities: Security management of access. Consultation in real time of measurements of the sensors installed on the station. Synoptic visualisation of the state of actuators (pumps, boiler, flare, etc). Alarm system in the event of failure (alarms, indicators of diagnoses)

Time-saver for the checking of the good performance of the station. Increased safety thanks to remote alarms. Adaptability according to the complexity of the installation and the needs for follow-up.

The integration of the supervision on the automat is carried out thanks to a chart integrating a Web server and with a modem ADSL router. This solution requires a standard connector. A dedicated access Internet will have to be set up. This solution ensures the compatibility of access to the supervisor from any station having an Internet connection (no installation is necessary for this station).

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