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Naskeo Environnement

Biogas Plant Feasability Studies



Through the feasibility study our teams of engineers accompany our customers in their biogas project design through several steps : study of organic waste layer, detailed design of a preliminary draft of biogas installation , key components of the digesters dimensioning and operation of the future digester. The feasibility study that Naskeo develops has mainly 5 objectives which can help you better define the details of your future biogas installation.

The waste layer study makes it possible to identify, characterize the modifiable layer in a radius of 20 to 30 km around the future site of your biogas plant establishment. This layer is protected thereafter by procurement agreements.

The study specifies  the technology of selected biogas plant as well as dimensioning and the technical descriptions of the installation equipment.

The energy performances of the installations are presented and detailed taking into consideration various possible choices for thermal valorisation, digester positioning as well as various studied anaerobic digestion processes.

The products used as fertilizers are quantified according to the inputs in the digester. The impact of the sludge separation with post treatment combined with spreading can be studied.

The study will include investment figures and the determination of the estimated operating statement.

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