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Biomass Energy - Co-Firing


Firing of a renewable fuel N-Viro Fuel along with the primary fuel like coal, Biomass co-firing is the lowest cost option for reducing greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power stations, Co-firing produces energy from coal that is “light green”, Burning biomass with fossil fuel has a positive impact on the environment and the economics of power generation, Blending coal with biomass fuel can reduce fossil-based CO2 emissions, Co-firing biomass residues brings additional greenhouse gas mitigation by avoiding CH4 (methane) release from otherwise land filled biomass. CH4 (methane) is 21 times more potent than CO2 in terms of global warming impact, Biomass has lower sulfur and co-firing with high sulfur coal reduces overall SO2 emissions

Biomass Co-Firing

Experts predict the contribution from biomass will likely increase more than 55% by 2030. Biomass meets a variety of energy needs like the generation of electricity and process heat for industrial factories.

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