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In 2002, Biomass contributed 61% of all renewable energy in Ireland.This represented about 140,000 TOE (tonnes of oil equivalent).This is forecast to treble by 2020. The vast majority of this biomass will be wood biomass – basically woodchip and sawmill residues.This is an excellent fuel and as it is virgin fibre with no additives, there are no environmental downsides.

Ireland has a competitive advantage in the exploitation of the potential of bioenergy (the energy derived from biomass).Due to our fertile soils and very favourable climate, many tree species grow faster in Ireland than elsewhere in Europe.Productivity rates for coniferous species such as Sitka spruce can reach over 24 cubic metres per hectare per annum.Energy crops such as willow or miscanthus have achieved 10 tonnes per hectare per annum over the first few years.

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