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Biomass Engineering Services


ACT can take your biomass project from concept to commercialization, including development, design, testing, equipment fabrication, plant construction and start up. Our services include lab and pilot plant operations, automation, engineering, design and fabrication of complete process plants, skid-mounted plants and equipment. Thanks to our in-house design and fabrication teams, ACT can also create custom equipment to suit the requirements of any biomass process, whether as part of new production facilities or to incorporate into existing systems.

Our renewable materials and process expertise includes:

  •     Algae
  •     Biodiesel
  •     Biomass pre-treatment
  •     Bioreactor
  •     Densification
  •     Drying
  •     Ethanol
  •     Gasification
  •     Grinding
  •     Ethanol
  •     Pelletizing
  •     Photobiological
  •     Pyrolysis
  •     Separation
  •     Sugar production
  •     Torrefaction
  •     And others

Lab and Pilot Plants
ACT offers on-site laboratory, pilot plant, and fabrication facilities to develop processes for virtually any biomass project. ACT has garden and greenhouse facilities that can be used for growing biomass materials, and can construct specialty equipment for other biomass growth processes. Please contact us with your specific needs.

Client Participation
ACT encourages client involvement during every stage of a project, from inception to completion. We'll provide your personnel with on site office space and secretarial assistance throughout your project's development.

Confidentiality & Patents
At Applied Chemical Technology we understand the sensitive nature of every project, particularly when a project involves new or proprietary technology. That's why we offer every client the security of signed secrecy agreements. With ACT your project is kept completely confidential, both during the project and afterwards. ACT also believes that our work for you belongs to you. We will assign any patentable developments from your project to you, and assist in applying for these patents with the United States Patent Office and the patent authorities of other countries.

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