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An important element in combatting climate change and the rising greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere is the increased use of renewable non-fossil fuel energy. Biomass power generation is one of the most attractive technologies for mitigating climate change. The combustion of biomass releases stored carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, which was converted to carbohydrates during the growth of the organic matter. If the amount of new biomass growth equals the biomass used for energy, then the carbon dioxide balance is calculatively neutral, causing no increase of carbon dioxide emissions. Biomass is a renewable energy source because the growth of new plants and trees replenishes the supply.

In addition, biomass energy can also play a significant role in the field of decentralized electricity generation and it is a key element in the strategy to accelerate rural access to power supply. There is a vast untapped potential for developing biomass power plants around the world. Many of these sites can be exploited in an economically viable, socially acceptable and ecologically compatible way.

Our specialists support the biomass power developer in all phases of the project as an engineering consultant and project manager. We provide the following services:

  • Conceptual studies for biomass power development
  • Feasibility studies (new sites, upgrading or rehabilitation of existing plants)
  • Assessment and evaluation of existing small biomass power plants
  • Consultation with authorities and environmental groups
  • Advising developers on organisational and financing issues Tender design and detailed design including energy output optimisation
  • Site supervision, environmental monitoring, plant commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance concepts, optimisation of O&M procedures
  • Interdisciplinary project management
  • Environmental certification of biomass power plants
  • Project management and engineering services for design and
  • constructing a biomass power plant

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