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CNG Services Ltd provides expert and up to the minute independent design, consultancy and project management services for all your biomethane and biogas project requirements. We are experts in the financial incentives available for renewable methane used to generate electricity, as a vehicle fuel or for injection into the gas grid. With an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements and technologies of biomethane production we can ensure a smooth transition from drawing board to commissioning.

CNG Services provides a range of services, including:

  • Gas clean-up design and project management
  • Enrichment to gas grid specification
  • Injection to gas grid (gas quality moniring, connection pipeline)
  • Negotiations with gas grid operators (Network Entry Agreement)
  • Support in relation to gas price negotiations with gas suppliers
  • Advice on relative economics and CO2 performance of all utilization options

Our clients include a number of major UK Water Companies and energy suppliers.

As part of our support to potential biomethane projects we have now obtained access to all gas Grid Network Maps owned by National Grid, Wales & West Utilities, Northern Gas Networks and Scotia Gas Networks (including Southern Gas Networks).

With access to these Gas Grid Maps we are now offering a service to assist clients with assessing land to determine if there are any gas pipelines in the area. We will provide Satellite view maps, supported with the same image on a Gas Grid Map, showing the closest connections and type of pressure Gas Mains in the area of interest.

Once connection points have been identified, as an additional service we can progress the query directly with the Grid owners for confirmation of pipeline capacity to ensure your project has the opportunity to go down the biomethane route.

As an independent consultant CNG Services has spent considerable time assessing the merits and applications of the various clean up technologies available to turn your biogas into a cleaned, upgraded product and to assess the best use for Biomethane. Whether it be exporting to the gas grid, utilising in CHP plants, or used as a road fuel and advising on the increasing range of biomethane fuelled vehicles available. Your ideal solution may be a combination of these depending on your individual circumstances and CNG Services can guide you through the entire process.


Natural gas contains around 90% methane, the remaining 10% is a mixture of ethane, propane, butane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and many other trace constituents. Biogas from an anaerobic digester typically contains around 65% methane and 35% carbon dioxide but with suitable processing the carbon dioxide can be removed resulting in a gas stream that contains up to 98% methane…Biomethane. A clean, simple and renewable energy source.

If you want to use your Anaerobic Digester to produce and use biomethane, CNG Services are uniquely placed to steer you through the many technologies available. Our team has many years of experience in gas processing, CHP, gas quality, gas grid connections and in negotiating gas sales agreements. We are also experts in relation to Biomethane as a vehicle fuel in both liquid and compressed forms.

There are five main technologies available to convert Biogas into Biomethane:

  • Water wash technology
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption
  • Chemical Absorption
  • Cryogenic Upgrading
  • Membrane Separation

The different clean up methods produce between 92% and 99% Biomethane and the choice of technology can be affected by many factors; feedstock, site requirements, planning, utilisation, heat availability, availability of grid connections, fleet needs, costs etc. CNG Services can provide the support to enable you to make the correct decisions for your site, resulting in a financially sound, environmentally friendly solution. We have expert knowledge of all the technologies and can provide detailed information on the relative benefits of each process.


CNG Services Ltd was designer and project manager for a venture with Thames Water, Scotia Gas Networks and Centrica in the UK's first Biomethane to Grid ('BtG') plant at Thames Water's sewage works at Didcot.

The project was conceived by CNG Services in early 2009 and represents an important milestone in the development of UK renewable energy, showcasing technologies previously only available in countries such as Sweden and Germany.


Biomethane has a calorific value of around 36MJ/M3 and is odorless. In order to use the gas some further processing must take place. For injection into the grid, Biomethane requires a calorific value of around 39MJ/M3 and a small amount of propane and odorant must be added to enrich the gas and to comply with Health and Safety legislation.


CNG Services has developed a system to add the correct amount of propane to meet the target calorific value set by the gas grid. For best practice, odorant should also be added to Biomethane dispensed as a vehicle fuel.

It is essential that Biomethane quality is maintained and controlled. Systems must be in place to ensure that the gas is both safe and suitable for its application.CNG Services has developed its own specification to satisfy the requirements of the gas grids.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) offers premium payments for heat generated using renewable methods such as anaerobic digestion, heat from CHP and injection of biomethane to the gas grid. The scheme is now in place, with biomethane to grid projects receiving a tariff of 6.8p per kWh. CNG Services Ltd has a detailed understanding of the RHI scheme and can advise you on the rules and regulations involved to ensure your project meets the eligibility criteria.

CNG Services Ltd is the UK's leading independent Biomethane consultancy that can provide total support from initial feasibility, design, costing, procurement and project management, gas contracts through to commisioning, giving you peace of mind and technical excellence throughout the project.

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