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Building Expert Consulting


Let’s face it, no two buildings are alike. Even with our industry-leading energy diagnostic technology as your guide, you may need help when trying to understand how a building uses energy and where it could use less. That’s where our elite client services team comes in: building experts with specific knowledge of how building systems, components, and occupants consume energy. We’ll help with your building energy assessments, report generation, and project proposals.

Building Expert Consulting, part of the BuildingAdvice platform, will help you:

  • Start assessing buildings immediately
  • Understand building energy modeling
  • Find the most cost-effective energy-savings opportunities
  • Compile concise, financially-driven reports that will drive action

Building Expert Services include:

  • Ongoing technical training and support
  • Personalized, step-by-step guidance through the BuildingAdvice process
  • Technical assistance to properly utilize the data collection equipment
  • Verification of report recommendations and interpretations before you present them to your customers

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