Energime Energy Efficiency

Business Services


Education: Energime offers a complete range of educational support for our clients ranging from on-site teaching to web based seminars.

Consultation Overview

  • Complete site evaluation
  • Available energy source monitoring and testing
  • Energy use evaluation and conservation auditing

Note: All work listed above done by certified and licensed technicians

Engineering and Design Services

  • Complete schematics and engineers' drawings
  • Architectural integration planning
  • On-site supervision and review

Technology Sales and Procurement

  • Energime offers the most complete line of solar modules, wind turbines, ground geothermal, and energy conservation products and services in the business. Our solutions are customized to your site.

Installation and Construction

  • Energime crews are all certified and licensed technicians trained in the specific technologies they install or build.


  • Energime offers complete scheduled maintenance programs for all of its' installations, insuring long-term maximum performance with zero headaches.

Public Relations

  • Energime will provide on-site educational displays, and use our extensive social networking and public relations work force to actively advertise the socially conscious efforts of our commercial clients.

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