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Clean Energy Asset Mapping


Every community has access to clean energy. Whether it is solar energy on community roofs and walls or wind at the edge of town, effective use of clean energy assets first requires a community to create an inventory of its available energy resources. At Green Power Labs we build clean energy resource maps to locate and more importantly to quantify clean energy assets.Our Clean Energy Asset Maps allow our clients significant flexibility to consider the impact of clean energy generation opportunities on land use policies, structuring energy incentives, project development, urban planning, solar rights and access laws. Clean energy asset mapping is the first step needed to support clean energy deployment and sustainable energy planning.


As an international authority in energy asset assessment and mapping, Green Power Labs maintains advanced and proprietary energy-related data sets and uses advanced satellite - and LiDAR-based data capture and processing technologies. This allows our team to conduct clean energy asset mapping at substantially increased levels of accuracy over that of typical data available in the public domain.

We strive to have the information required by our clients available on request, to the required level of precision and geographic detail.

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