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Cleaning of Photovoltaic and Solar Power Systems


Thorough cleaning of photovoltaic and solar power systems with special equipment from Jens Löwe Wasseraufbereitung. Our special equipment will assist you with the perfect cleaning of your photovoltaic system and solar power system. Mistakes that you should make sure to avoid when cleaning photovoltaic and solar power systems.

Incorrect cleaning practices can irreversibly damage your system! Therefore, we urge you to follow these basic rules for cleaning photovoltaic and solar systems:

  1. Do not use tap water! Never use tap water for cleaning your system. Tap water contains a high quantity of minerals and LIMESTONE. This results in mineral and limescale stains being left on the system once the water has evaporated. Everyone is familiar with this problem when cleaning windows. Unless you dry it off straight away (something that is much too laborious with these types of systems) blotches are left behind. If this is combined with intensive sunlight and high temperatures, the limescale can 'burn' in the module or collector glass causing irreversible stains at those locations. For this reason we use our own purifying systems to remove up to 99.99% of the minerals and limestone from the tap water. This guarantees residue-free drying of the modules.
  2. Don’t use hard brushes/scrubbing pads/brushes and do not scratch! With many modules and collectors, the glass surface is a sensitive area. This area is frequently shaped in such a way that as much light as possible is “captured”. For example, it may be the case that the surface is structured in the form of thousands of tiny pyramids. So as not to damage this surface and to achieve 100% light permeability for your module/collector, it is important for the glass finish to be treated with care. All our telescopic rods heads are therefore fitted with special brushes for gentle yet effective cleaning glass-cleaning performance.
  3. Do not use a steam-pressure cleaner! As already described in no. 3 above, the surface of your system can be a very sensitive thing. The water jet of a steam-pressure cleaner is too strong for the glass surface and seals. In order to prevent damage to your collectors/modules, you should therefore avoid using any kind of steam-pressure cleaner on your system.
  4. Do not step on the system! This is also for your own safety. The smooth surface of your photovoltaic and solar power system makes it easy for you to slip. What’s more, you can damage modules and collectors by walking on them. We can provide you with a telescopic rod to enable to clean every part of your system without having to walk on the modules.

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