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Combustion System Upgrades


High-level control of an industrial process may be defined as control strategies which follow a control scheme that takes its starting point from the way a human operator would control the process. Dublix Engineering FuzEvent system is applying high-level control strategies which include elements like rules for handling special problems due to difficult waste or other matters occuring on the complex operation of waste to energy combustion plants.

  • Upgrading of grate mechanics and castings with new advanced features.
  • Upgrades and problem-fixing specific to any combustion grate on the market.
  • Manufacturing and erection of new mechanical features.
  • Secondary air injection through the furnace roof.
  • Cooling water spray mixed in the secondary air jet from the furnace roof nozzles to use as an emergency tool to control the furnace temperature when it tends to run too high in spite of the traditional control measures.

  • Improved control of combustion.
  • Improved control of furnace temperature.
  • Improved burn out of CO.
  • Optimization of 2 seconds retention time above 850 °C.
  • Better operation of boiler and fluegas cleaning due to better flue gas temperature control

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