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Commercial facilities are often uniquely eligible to implement a solar energy system. The advantages include; Lowering existing electric bills, stabilize electric rates, reducing carbon footprint, friendlier and eco-conscious public image, accelerated depreciation, renewable energy credits, federal tax credits, property tax abatement, state tax credits.

PowerLutions LLC is a NABCEP certified solar installer and is uniquely positioned to maximize your commercial solar installation. Our in-house solar professionals will ensure that your solar projects will be a success. We take great care, when we install PV solar systems, that the integrity of the facility, roof and grounds aren't affected by the solar installation.

Commercial facilities view its decisions in an economical light and solar presents a good investment opportunity. In the right scenarios going solar requires no money out of pocket and significant savings. The federal government offers a 30% tax credit. It also allows for accelerated depreciation schedule on the cost of the system. PowerLutions has partnered with financial institutions that can provide up to 70% of the cost of the system at attractive terms.

PowerLutions also has partners with Power Purchase Agreement companies that can purchase solar energy systems on another entities space and sell back the electricity at a discount. PowerLutions partners are among the most aggressive in providing discounted rates to its customers. Call us at 732-987-3939 to discuss why we should be your commercial solar installer / solar integrator. We focus on solar projects in New Jersey and New York.

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